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Synaptiq, the startup from Cluj-Napoca that develops a platform for reducing the time of medical images analysis, attracted funding of 250,000 euros

October 27, 2021 News

Synaptiq is a Romanian startup from Cluj-Napoca. They try to increase the performance of medical services by developing AI-based solutions for the delimitation of tumors and organs at risk. Recently they closed a financing round of 250,000 euros with the participation of the GapMinder VC investment fund, Cleverage VC and angel investors – entrepreneurs Daniel and Ioan Istrate.

Synaptiq will continue the research and development activity to develop the final version of the Mediq platform.

With the received funding, Synaptiq will continue the research and development activity to develop the final version of the Mediq platform, which reduces the time of analysis of medical images in the framework of radiotherapy treatment procedures for cancer. They will allocate resources to the clinical study necessary to obtain accreditation at European level and will invest in software commercialization efforts. In addition, these resources made it possible to expand the Synaptiq team to ten members with solid experience in specialist institutes in Germany and the Netherlands.

”We have already established solid relationships with clinics, research centers, academic institutions and business accelerators, which supports our growth and development of a high-quality product. We are ambitious and optimistic, and believe that early next year we will release the beta version of the Mediq software.”

Mediq software uses AI to delineate cancerous tumors in CT and MRI images in a much shorter time, with greater accuracy and objectivity. Thus, doctors will no longer have to spend hours delineating organs and will be able to focus on treatment planning and finding the best approach to save the patient’s life. The Mediq platform uses Machine Learning to support the rapid diagnosis process. Consequently, clinics will be able to create a treatment plan for a much larger number of patients, as the time to implement it will be greatly reduced.

At the beginning of 2022, Synaptiq will launch the beta version of the Mediq product and is preparing to complete the accreditation process at the European level that will facilitate attracting more customers from Romania and Europe. The Synaptiq company was founded by Dragoş Duşe, Mihai Căta, Roxana Săbău and Diana Andritchi. The entire team is made up of engineers or business specialists, with studies and doctorates at faculties in the country and abroad, such as the University of Bucharest, Amsterdam, Munich, Bristol and Heidelberg.

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