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Synaptiq signs a partnership agreement with Elytis Hospital

June 9, 2023 News

We embarked on a new partnership with a distinguished #radiotherapy clinic. Elytis Hospital Iasi is the first clinic in the Moldova region to incorporate our AI-powered auto-contouring software into their practice. We are truly honored to call you our partners. 🤝

The installation process of our software was impressively smooth, leading to the swift adoption of our solution by the clinic’s radiation oncologists. Dragos-Ioan Grama, one of the Founding Members and Researchers at Synaptiq, expressed his admiration for the collaboration, stating, “I was impressed by the interaction with Elytis’s medical team. Very helpful, professional, open-minded, and excited about the new AI-based technology. I believe this will be a fruitful collaboration for both sides.”

The tool has been seamlessly integrated into the clinic’s daily patient treatment routines. A significant reduction in the time required for the contouring process allows the medical staff to devote more attention to building stronger patient relationships. We are delighted to see our technology enhancing both efficiency and the human touch in patient care.

“The ultimate beneficiary is the patient. With the application of artificial intelligence in the realm of medicine, we are transitioning into a new phase that promises quicker and more effective outcomes in cancer treatment,” remarked Ionel Daniel Cojocaru, MD.

We eagerly anticipate the fruitful collaboration ahead! 

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