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Showcasing Our AI Auto-Contouring Software at ESTRO, the Biggest Radiotherapy Conference

At the recent ESTRO conference, the largest and one of the most prestigious radiotherapy conferences in Europe, our start-up had the remarkable opportunity to present our groundbreaking AI software for automated contouring within the radiotherapy treatment planning process. We were able to captivate the attention of numerous radiation oncologists, medical physicists, medical directors, dosimetrists, and other industry medical partners from across Europe and beyond. The live demo we conducted left a lasting impression, garnering incredible positive feedback for our software’s exceptional capabilities like speed and accuracy.

Unveiling Our Innovation

Our company’s mission is to revolutionize the field of radiotherapy treatment planning using the power of artificial intelligence. At ESTRO, we proudly showcased our software, which utilizes advanced algorithms and machine-learning techniques to automate the contouring process.

The Importance of Contouring in Radiotherapy

Radiotherapy treatment planning involves precisely delineating the target area and critical structures within a patient’s body. This process, known as contouring, plays a vital role in ensuring accurate and effective radiation delivery. Traditionally, contouring has been a time-consuming and subjective task, heavily reliant on manual intervention. Our software aims to streamline this process, saving valuable time and enhancing overall treatment quality.

Unparalleled Speed and Efficiency

During our live demo at ESTRO, our software proved to be a game-changer, impressing the attendees with its remarkable speed. Radiation oncologists were impressed by how quickly our AI algorithms generated accurate contours, significantly reducing the time required for treatment planning. By automating this laborious task, our software enables healthcare professionals to allocate more time toward patient care and clinical decision-making.

Validation from Industry Experts

The positive feedback we received at ESTRO reaffirmed our commitment to innovation and excellence. Our sales & business growth advisor, a professional with extensive experience in the medical field, attested to the impact our software had on the attendees.

“First impression after 5 years of my ESTRO “abstinence”: nothing revolutionary. But upon closer evaluation, things are not at all as they seem. The revolution that has already begun, and whose impact will be brutal and spectacular, is called Artificial Intelligence. The number of vendors offering AI-based products has been significant, “like mushrooms after rain,” as one participant said. Not all of them will pass the market’s trial by fire, but the trend is unshakable. And for the first time in ESTRO’s history, a Romanian company, Synaptiq, was present with a highly competitive AI-based product. Whether this “mushroom” will withstand and grow or wither depends on us, those who have anything to do with radiotherapy. It’s not enough to wish them success; we will also need to stand by them when and how they need us.” said Radu Pintea, Sales & Business Growth Advisor at Synaptiq.

Furthermore, our lead radiation oncologist, who played a pivotal role in developing the software, shared his insights at the conference. He highlighted how our software improves accuracy, reduces variability, and enhances the overall treatment planning process. 

“We were excited to present our innovative radiotherapy auto-contouring AI software at ESTRO. We strongly believe that it has the potential to transform the field and improve patient outcomes. Our research shows that our technology streamlines the contouring process, ensuring accuracy and reducing human error.” said Remus Stoica, MD, Lead Radiation Oncologist at Synaptiq.

ESTRO 2023 held particular significance for us due to various reasons, not least of which was our privilege of showcasing our medical team’s abstract titled, “Clinical evaluation of auto-segmentation using AI with manual segmentation of breast tissue”. We were delighted to enrich this year’s scientific poster presentations with our contribution.

Our paper can be found in the ESTRO 2023 Abstract Book. 


Looking Ahead

Our success at ESTRO has invigorated our team’s drive to continue pushing the boundaries of AI in radiotherapy treatment planning. We are committed to collaborating with medical professionals, research institutions, and industry leaders to refine further and expand the capabilities of our software.

As the sole Romanian company at ESTRO, we took advantage of the opportunity to showcase the power and potential of our innovative solution to esteemed future clients from around the world. We are thrilled to continue advancing our technology, making a lasting impact in the field of radiotherapy, and ultimately improving patient outcomes.

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