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The SRROM Congress through the lens of our lead radiation oncologist: A four-dimensional perspective

November 20, 2023 Radiotherapy

Synaptiq showcased their product, MEDIQ, an auto-contouring software for radiotherapy, at the 34th Congress of the Romanian Society of Radiotherapy and Medical Oncology / The 9th National Congress of the Romanian Cancer Societies Federation. The event took place in Cluj Napoca, the hometown of the Romanian startup.

We asked our lead radiation oncologist to share his experience at the SRROM congress, and his response was surprisingly thorough:

My last participation in the SRROM 34th congress was different, as I wore 4 different hats. I can speak from each of the perspectives: first, as a radiation oncologist involved in developing an AI solution for radiotherapy (being a member of Synaptiq), then, as a speaker at the congress, also, as part of the organizing team of the contouring workshop and lately, as a simple radiation oncologist participating at the lectures.

  • First perspective

Being involved in such a project requires dedication and a lot of hard work from all departments. It is a rollercoaster every day, with ups and downs and new challenges always on the horizon for me and my colleagues at Synaptiq. However, our ultimate goal is to have a good product. The positive feedback from Romanian radiation oncologists and their increasing interest in testing and using our product in their clinics motivates us to work harder and strive for more. Additionally, the positive impression our AI predictions for Head and neck left on Professor Vincent Gregoire indicates that we are moving in the right direction. With the rising incidence of breast cancer in Europe we will rise to the challenge and develop an even better breast contour, thanks to Professor Philip Poortmans’ feedback.


  • Second perspective

Over the past five years, the AI sector in healthcare has experienced significant growth. Presenting our internal studies on the Breast and Head&Neck regions at the Congress Scientific Sessions has not only met expectations but also sparked fruitful discussions. In the near future, I intend to further develop these discussions by collaborating with my fellow Radiation Oncologists and Synaptiq’s Medical Team.



  • Third perspective

The idea for the contouring workshops originated from a desire for self-improvement. Initially, there was a need to enhance my own skills and those of Synaptiq’s medical team. Subsequently, we identified the need for these events and the importance of facilitating the transfer of knowledge from well-known Radiation Oncologists to the young Romanian Radiation Oncologists community. As a result, the first workshop, utilizing Synaptiq’s Mediq platform, took place in Cluj-Napoca in June 2023 (for more information about this event, please visit this link).

On the last day of the congress, on Sunday morning, a contouring workshop for the Central Nervous System was held. The workshop emphasized the importance of accurately delineating organs at risk, as it directly impacts dose distribution and can help reduce the side effects experienced by oncological patients.


  • Fourth perspective

As a participant, I was incredibly captivated by the exceptional quality of the lectures. Each day was filled with a wealth of knowledge and valuable insights, starting with the residents’ morning session, followed by the engaging physics session that deepened my understanding of the subject. The brachytherapy session provided a comprehensive overview of the latest techniques and advancements in the field, while the SBRT session shed light on the cutting-edge practices in stereotactic body radiotherapy. The Paediatric Radiotherapy Course was particularly enlightening, as it offered a unique perspective and specialized knowledge in treating young patients.

However, the true highlight of the event was undoubtedly the contouring workshop. This hands-on session allowed me to refine my skills and learn new techniques in target delineation, ensuring more precise and effective treatment planning. The expert guidance and interactive nature of the workshop made it an invaluable experience.



Overall, this conference not only exceeded my expectations but also provided me with many ideas and strategies to enhance my clinical practice. I left feeling inspired and motivated to implement these newfound insights, confident that they will positively impact the care I provide to my patients.

In particular, I was impressed by the acceptance rate of Synaptiq’s autocontouring software, MEDIQ. The demonstrations and discussions surrounding the software’s capabilities left me with a strong belief that it can greatly improve the accuracy and efficiency of the Radiation Oncologist. I am excited to explore the potential of integrating this technology into practice and see the benefits it can bring.


Special thanks and our gratitude to Dr. Daniela Martin, the President of SRROM, who facilitated and supported our presence here. We would also like to thank Dr. Andrada Turcas and Dr. Dana Cernea for their insightful workshop on contouring the central nervous system on Sunday morning. Lastly, we extend our appreciation to the entire SRROM team and to everybody for visiting our booth and participating at our workshop.

See you next time! Until then, book a demo at


Author: Remus Stoica, MD, Radiation Oncologist 

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