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AI-based contouring for radiotherapy

Our revolutionary software is a tool that separates cancerous tumours and organs at risk with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

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An average of 92.6% time saved in contouring
Solution based on Artificial Intelligence
Supports Windows (7+) and MacOS (10.14+)
High quality standards that help increase performance
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Save more patients

Mediq reduces the contouring time by an average of 92.6%. This will decrease the time between diagnosis and treatment, increasing the survival rate of the patients.

Improved performance

Mediq has higher accuracy and objectivity than manual contouring while being less prone to errors.

Help doctors

Mediq compensates for the lack of medical staff by allowing clinics to treat more patients with the same number of radiation oncologists.

Easy to use and fast

13x faster than manual contouring

Mediq software runs this process automatically, allowing doctors to treat more patients.

Leverage AI capabilities

Using Deep Learning pipelines for aiding the diagnosis process

Digital Medicine

Bringing the latest technology advancements closer to healthcare

State-of-the-art Solutions

Brining the latest innovations in research closer to the industry

artificial intelligence

Mediq covers all major cancer sites

With our collective intelligence and deviceful spirit, we deliver the best AI-based solutions for enhancing the quality of the healthcare industry.

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Reduces the time needed

Mediq reduces the time needed to elaborate the treatment plan by using Artificial Intelligence to contour organs-at-risk and target volumes on CT scans

Centralized platform

Allow doctors to communicate effectively by using a centralized platform and speeding up their work using our pipeline

Deep Learning models

A Doctor with the help of Deep Learning algorithms will achieve faster and more robust results than using traditional methods.

Unique features

We achieve our potential by using some unique features

  • Adaptive Learning

    Mediq continues to learn even after it is deployed

  • Active Revision

    Doctors can adjust contours in assisted by the AI with a few clicks.

  • Unique Deep Learning Architectures

    Our state-of-the-art architectures enable robust and high accuracy delineation

Easy to setup

How Mediq Works

We use our unique blend of expertise in the fields of AI, medicine, and business to shape the future of radiotherapy.

Insert 3D CT or MRI to Mediq
Automatic tumour contouring
Manual corrections if needed
Save the contoured image
Our team

Synaptiq’s Talents

Meet the team
Eng. Dragoș Dușe
MBA Roxana Săbău
Eng. Lucian Bicsi
MBA Diana Andrițchi
Eng. Dragoș Grama
Eng. Marius Stănescu, PhD
Adrian Radu, MD
Bogdan Chivu, MD
Cristina Pop-Casandra, MD
Razvan Curca, MD
Remus Stoica, MD
Cornelius Pirsan
Andreea Mitrofan
Alexandru Zariosu, MD
Bogdan Mocanu, MD
Francisco Velichi, MD
Maria Timpea, MD
Sabina Sucuri, MD

Ultimate Beneficiaries

Even though Mediq is used by radiation oncologists, cancer patients are the ultimate beneficiaries.

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State-of-the-art solution


An average of €150,000 added value per year

Radiation Oncologists

2 hours of tedious work reduced to 2 minutes


Quicker and more robust treatment planning

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